21 02 2009

Hannah Dryson

Hannah Drayson is an artist and technology researcher based in the South West of England. Following her Degree in Critical Fine Art Practice at Brighton University, Hannah gained an MSc Digital Art and Technology in 2006 at Plymouth University. Exploring issues surrounding science and technology and their integration into lived reality, she has used media ranging from web and graphic design to visual performance, video and digital audio production. Her works often propose the tactical possibility of the role of the artist to be that of an experimental subject. Currently she is working towards a Ph.D within Transtechnology Research at the University of Plymouth. Through her work, she aims to propose novel methods for physiological and medical monitoring methods. Hannah also creates visual projections and experimental music performance for festival and club events in Europe, the UK and Ireland.

Contact details
email: hannah.drayson(at)plymouth.ac.uk
web: http://x2.i-dat.org/~hd
mail: Transtechnology Research, School of Computing, University of Plymouth, Portland Square, Plymouth, PL4 8AA.



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