21 02 2009

Hervé Fischer NB

Hervé Fisher is a multimedia artisi and philosopher. The Venice Biennial 1976, special guest at the Sao Paulo Biennial 1981, Documenta, Kassel 1977, 1982. Personal exhibitions at the Museé Galliéra, Paris 1976, MAC of Montreal, 1980, MAC of Mexico, 1983, MBNA of Buenos Aires, 2003, Montevideo 2004, Santiago 2006, Pinacoteca, Chili 2007. Founder of La Cité des Arts et des nouvelles technologies de Montréal (annual exhibition and computer animation competition Images du Futur 1986-97, the Téléscience Festival 1990, the Multimedia International Market, 1992; co-founder and president of Science Pour Tous, Quebec, since 1998. He was honoured with the first Leonardo Makepeace Tsao Award. Professor at Sorbonne/Paris V, Daniel Langlois Chair for digital arts, Concordia University, Montreal, 200-2002; now associate professor at UQÀM, initiating an International Digital Observatory. He has published many books.




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