21 02 2009

Jim Crutchfield is a Professor of Physics at the University of California, Davis. Until recently he was Research Professor at the Santa Fe Institute. Before coming to SFI, he was a Research Physicist in the Physics Department at UC, Berkeley. Crutchfield has worked in the fields of nonlinear dynamics, solid-state physics, astrophysics, fluid mechanics, critical phenomena and phase transitions, chaos, and pattern formation. Current research interests center on computational mechanics, physics of complexity, statistical inference for nonlinear processes, genetic algorithms, evolutionary theory, machine learning, distributed intelligence, and quantum computation. He has published over 100 papers in these areas.

Composer David Dunn has worked in a wide variety of audio media inclusive of traditional and experimental music, installations for public exhibitions, video and film soundtracks, radio broadcasts, and bioacoustic research. He is President and Program Director of the Art and Science Laboratory and President of the Acoustic Ecology Institute, both in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His compositions and wildlife sound recordings have appeared in hundreds of international forums, concerts, broadcasts, and exhibitions. Besides his multiple books, recordings and soundtracks, he has been anthologized in over 50 journals and books. Dunn was the recipient of the prestigious Alpert Award for Music in 2005.



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