22 02 2009


Dr Brian Duffy, born 1971, Irish. Associate Senior Researcher, UEL. SMARTlab. brian(at)

Brian is co-PI of the Trust Project (with Goodman & Sudol). He is currently Researcher with SAP (France). He has been actively involved in research in many international academic and non-academic institutions throughout Europe in the fields of robotics, artificial intelligence and haptics for over 14 years. He was a Research Engineer at the Institut Eurecom, Sophia Antipolis, France. Previously, he worked with University College Dublin (UCD) & directed the Anthropos Group at Media Lab Europe, was a researcher for GMD, Germany and INSA de Lyon, France. Brian has a Masters of Engineering Science, a BS in Production Engineering, is a member of the IEEE, a Chartered Engineer, and holds the Eur.Ing qualification.


Mr Jeremi Sudol, born 1979, Polish. Researcher, Computer Vision, UEL. SMARTlab. jeremi(at)

Jeremi Sudol is interested in developing technologies that celebrate the human spirit. He’s been involved in a variety of projects in active technologies, experimental human-user interfaces, performing and visual arts, and artificial intelligence. As Co-PI on the Trust Project, he is researching sensors and multimodal interfaces for children’s interactions with games and technology devices. He has worked with us in Dublin, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, and now on site In London for the Trust Project for complex multiple disability, on site at the Stephen Hawking School, East London.


Prof Lizbeth Goodman, American, born 1964, Director, UEL, SMARTlab, lizbeth(at)

Chair in Creative Technology Innovation, Director – MAGIC Gamelab & Innovation Centre, & Director of Studies for the UEL practice-based PhDs in Digital Media, Performance Technology & Informatics. Her main field of speciality is the creation of learning games developed WITH, not only for, people with disabilities and ‘non-standard gamers’. She is widely published, with many years of BBC experience, and is a performer/director and PI of projects for and with NESTA, BBC, Microsoft, Lego, Futurelab, SGI, the Wellcome, et al. She directs the GLAM (Games, Life and Media) Academy, making games for the 2012 games. She is series editor of Emergenc(i)es for MIT Press.


Mr James Brosnan, born 1974, Irish, Research Fellow in Assistive Technology Innovation, UEL, SMARTlab. james(at)

Author and activist in the domain of disability and widening participation through technology, and a key member of IBM’s user testing research lab, James Brosnan has worked as a journalist in the Forum of People with Disabilities Dublin, and has recently been made lead Journalist for the Centre for Independent Living in Dublin. James has traveled with the SMARTlab and has joined our major public panels at the UN, the Word Summit in Tunis, the USA et al, speaking for people with Cerebral Palsy about their needs. He is planning to enroll for graduate study upon completion of his book in progress for MIT.


Ms Jana Riedel . born 1976, German. Creative Content & Trust Project Manager, UEL, SMARTllab. jana(at)

Jana contributes her skills in media arts and digital editing technologies, as well as her talent as a filmmaker and documentary artist, to the work of the MAGIC team. Jana is responsible for the creation of the visual content and archiving of all the SMARTlab’s projects, and holds the ‘human memory’ of many of our largest and most complex (and successful) international collaborations She is dedicated to helping people of many different levels of ability to integrate those technologies into their working practices and lives. This lifelong interest makes her particularly well suited for her dual role as Project Manager of the Trust Project.



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23 01 2010
Mozak Umcic

Thanks for the info.
I will keep coming back for more.
I hope you update often.



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