22 02 2009


Howard BOLAND, Norwegian, 1975, Director of Artistic Engagement, c-lab,, howard(at)

Practicing artist based in London working with new spaces for life. His research focuses on language and narrative processes within the contemporary intersection of art and science. Recent participation includes, Bios 4: Arte Biotecnológico y Ambiental and Biorama. He is a co-founder and artistic director of c-lab. Taught and worked extensively with award winning interactive productions for clients such as HSBC, Vodafone, Sony, V&A and Microsoft. Currently, he is Head of Interactive Technologies at RMG Connect. He has backgrounds in Mathematics, Software Systems for the Arts & Media and Digital Practices.


Laura CINTI, Italian, 1979, Artist/Researcher, c-lab / UCL (Slade School of Fine Art), /, laura(at)

Practicing artist working within the intersections of art, biology and nanotechnology. Her current research looks at plant and interactivity. As well as exhibiting and speaking internationally her works have been featured in publications including New Scientist, USA Today, The Scotsman, Next (Michael Crichton), New York Times and Wired. She is co-founder of c-lab, an artistic platform that engages in critical and contemporary amalgamations of bio- and electronic art. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at UCL, working in an interdisciplinary capacity between the Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging and The Slade School of Fine Art.



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20 02 2010
Bruce Hedrick

I wonder why so many so-called forward thinkers find the concept of exo-botany to be something only of fiction. We know of otehr planets here and in other solar systems in which carbon is a common element; and where does carbon come from?
Seems simple to me; am I missing something?
All too often scientists, and even neo/para-scientists tend to get lost in their own air of sophisticated egoism. bruceH

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