22 02 2009


Mgr. Jana HORAKOVA, Ph. D. (Czech, 1971) is an assistant professor at Masaryk University, Brno, Department of Musicology. E-mail: horakova(at)phil.muni.cz

She is the co-author of the monographs Invitation to the Knowledge Society (Iura Edition, Bratislava, 2007, in Slovak) and Artificial Intelligence 5 (Academia, Prague, 2007, in Czech). She has several publications on robotic performances, robotic art, and cultural history of robot in several professional journals and international conference proceedings. She is the co-editor of the bilingual, Czech and German, publication Imaginary Spaces> Raume/Prostor – Medien/media – Performance/performance (in print. Koniash Latin Press, Prague 2007).

Professional CV and publications see at: http://is.muni.cz/zivotopisy/cv.pl?fakulta=1421;uco=14870



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