24 02 2009


Machiko Kusahara , Ph. D

Professor, School of Culture, Media and Society, Waseda University

Visiting Professor, Dept. Design|Media Arts, UCLA

Machiko Kusahara is a media art curator and a scholar in the interdisciplinary field of art, science, technology and culture. Since early 80s she has curated many exhibitions and served as a jury for ISEA, SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica, to name a few, while being involved in launching Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and NTT/ICC. Her texts on both media art and media history have been included in MediaArtHistories (MIT Press), Panorama Phenomenon (Mesdag Panorama), The Robot in the Garden (MIT Press) and Art&Science (Springer) among others. Kusahara’s major research theme is the interaction between art, entertainment, media technology, and the society. Being a Japanese but active internationally, she analyzes Japanese and Western visual cultures to understand what happened in media culture and what is happening now. With Device Art Project, which is carried by a group of nine major Japanese artists and researchers, she focuses on theorizing a new concept in contemporary Japanese media art. Currently she is a professor in media art and media studies at Waseda University, Tokyo.



One response

1 05 2009
Jonas Federman

Dear Machiko,
I teach animetion (Flash and ToonBoom) in ECO/UFRJ.
I would like develop a Pós Doc projet in Web Animation.
Please contact me.

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