2 03 2009



“Space Dance in the Tube” is an exhibition, a workshop, and a performance with a new communication based on the whole body to get an awareness about the familiar relationship between the body and the space.. Now we have 6 spaces for this project using by 6 tubes, “Space for Balance”, “Space for Darkness”, “Space for Light”, “Space for Play Tag”, “Space for Posture”, and “Space for Real & Virtual.” We think that this project is very useful for scientific education, communication, experience of art & science, new experience of rehabilitation, developing a health.

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Yuichi Takayanagi, Director of Tama Science Museum, Ex-Commentator of NHK TV

Now people, in our present-day digital life, lose a kinetic sensation which exists on the source of the life activity for making an evolution as a human with the recognition towards the space using by our whole body. In that time, “Space Dance in the Tube” as a space experience and an expression with adventure will revive our kinetic sensation from our unconsciousness fields. I would like to call to everybody to join this experimental experience.


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– We develop our kinetic sensation, our ability to judge the difference between a real image and a virtual image, and a new idea for developing our health.

Now we have the serious crisis that threaten our existence. In our continuous search for convenience and comfort in today’s information society, we began to lose our sense of raw reality, our kinetic sense, and our physical sensations. As one characteristic phenomenon, we have a difficult social condition where we can’t judge the difference exactly between a real image and a virtual image.

Then, for children and adult, “Space Dance in the Tube” stimulates their bodies directly, and they can recognize themselves as the real existence with the body and awaken the original plentiful physical sensations as a human.

Now in Japan, children sometimes kill their parents and friends very easy. Because they can not feel the life as the most important matter. In children’s world the virtual reality is in progress, so they lose the sense of reality. Some children tried to make sure its weight of the life by the murder with the blood. Also in adult’s world too, for example like the War in Iraq, the soldiers kill the opponents very easy by the high-tech fighters on the screen. For them the murder is like one of the games. The virtual reality is in progress still more, so the value of the life will be very light.

Also it is a tendency of our times, our 21st century will be realized as a robotic society very soon. In that time, one of the objects of our dreams will be realized as a robot, several robots will appear on the stage of our daily life, one is as the supporting robots for household matters, elderly care, medical treatment and communication, the other is as the rescue robots at the dangerous zone or soldier robots at the battlefield. So, in the near future, we should imagine that sometimes children will commit a more sad crime using by these robots, and adult will expand the murder like a dream using by soldier robots.

In these conditions, how can we get back the needed kinetic sense and our life? How can we remake our safety living and how to create new designs using by these sensitive experiences for our society? This is our theme, with our project “Space Dance in the Tube”. Therefore, our earnest needed theme for children and adult is how to develop a new “scientific sense as a wisdom for 21st century” as a new ability to judge the difference between the real and the virtual, as a link in the chain of the education for learning a literate for the science. For this theme the physical sensations that assure the reality is our “last foot-hold” and our “first start point” as a way.

So, just we need the recovery of the physical sensations and the recognition of ourselves as a real existence with the body. Moreover, the needed education is not a selection about the real or the virtual, at first it is a judgment about its difference, then most important education is a development of the ability to produce its compound according to our necessity. We think that this point is very important for the new scientific education for children.

Because we think that essential points for new scientific education are not only the arouse of the new interests about the science, but also the consideration for the science to create a social design as a social technology with the unity. In this meanings, when we think about the dangerous double-edged dispositions of the information society and the robotic society, firstly the developing children’s physical sensations is very important, it is very timely. If children keep the physical sensations with their body, they can understand by themselves about its dangerous points of the robot and the virtual reality.

Indeed, from now we should build up our society as a hearted society with enough considerations based on the body, and only the scientific conception with plenty physical sensations have a possibility to bear the creations of the next science. Through “Space Dance in the Tube” children can develop its first experience and a wisdom of a new scientific sense.

Same time, not only for children’s world but also for adult’s world, general public, elderly people, handicapped people, in the society of welfare, nursing-care, and medical treatment, almost people are very anxious about their body. This is one of the characteristic illness of our age, then the recovery of the care about the body will be demanded as an almost social desire. In that case, we think that they need the new programs for getting their own characteristic walking and rehabilitations for their health, instead of the same programs for everybody.

For these demands “Space Dance in the Tube” offer to them the several new ideas for developing their health based on their individualities in their personal life, by the experiences for recovering the physical sensations. Then, they can cultivate new ideas for keeping health by themselves.


image image

The tube has been estimated as a Boundary Object. Boundary Object, this means an object which exists on the bound. Both children and adult, both general people and a specialist, both a person who belongs to scientific fields and a person who belongs to artistic fields, they can feel same interests towards the tube with common sense..

The tube will be consisted by cloth supported by TORAY, 1.5 meters height, 10 meters long. We hang the tube in the air about 1 or 3 meters height from the floor using by 6 ropes. For this project, as an exhibition, a workshop, and a performance we need the space, about 12 meters wide, 12 meters length, 5-7 meters height, like a gymnasium, or like a big stage, and a gallery space.


image image

The tube is not only a space to take a balance away from the participants, but also to give a beloved feeling to them, because always their movements decide the shape of the tube. We can’t find this kind of experience in our modern architectural society any more.

In the tube, at first everybody lose a posture soft, secondly they try to get back it desperately. Its ways how to get back a posture are very different for them, so its experiences are very interesting and funny not only for them but also for visitors.

In short, like a child, the person who throw out his body naturally and make one unity with the tube as a given environment is expert person. In that time the tube support them using by the strong repulsions from the bottom and the sides with enough flexibility.

The participants, slowly, go ahead in the space tempted a beloved feeling and be able to try to make the several fluid postures like a fish, like a space walk, like a fetus, and like a unknown animal based on the basic postures of standing, sitting and lying as a human, and enjoy it heartily with something sweet memories.

Like that, the participants be able to learn two important facts, one is that always we need the support from the space to keep our postures, other is that always we need to keep our characteristic postures for keeping our personalities.


image image

Still more, the participants can touch their own images from inside in the tube which are projected by a video camera. When they try to overlap their right hands on right hands, their left hands on left hands, and continue to overlap inside themselves on outside themselves as an image, soon they can get the feeling like the border between inside and outside of the tube will be disappeared, then at last they can get one feeling like they will be absorbed toward outside.

Its experience is like an experience for the cure, its feeling for the expansion is like a feeling when people come and go between this world and a next world. We think that, it is one of the earnest feelings for a modern who would like to get it.

And these scenes are very strange for the visitors who watch it from outside. At first the visitors watch the participants as the shadows at the right side of the tube shining by strong spot-lights. Secondly when the participants were projected at the left side of the tube by a video camera, the visitors watch the left side against their will, even if they know right side participants are real person.

This is a mischief by our brain. Because for the brain the important thing is only one, its amount of the information. The brain don’t need the distinction between the real and the virtual. If one image keeps a large amount of the information than other image, this is real for the brain. Today’s video camera keeps a big quality of its information, so it is able to catch the participants with high accuracy more than our eyes. So, without any hesitations the brain watch the participants at the left side. Then, suddenly, the visitors fall in the separation with the consciousness. Because the visitor’s consciousness watch the participants at the right side persistently, as a real. Therefore, at last when the participants overlap inside themselves on outside themselves, the visitors make a shout with the surprise.

Like that, the visitors face the scene with the split between the brain’s judgment and the judgment by the consciousness. They can learn that the brain’s judgment is not wrong, it is one true, so at first they know they need to judge the difference between the real and the virtual, then they can develop their ability to combine its two images correctly.


image image

“Space Dance in the Tube” is also a performance by the professionals as art & science, and dance & design using by the tube, intelligent robot, its virtual robot on the network, and interactive system.”

In the tube the dancer’s movements always decide the shape of the space, and the repulsion in the tube always support the dancer’s body, so the relationship between the dancer and the space will be kept as an amicable relationship of its unity. We express this relationship as a “body-space model” by a digital manikin on the network, then we use this model as a medium to design a “Fittest Space” and a “Memory Chair”.

At first, we try to create “new postures” as a human.

As many animal’s postures have experienced the big changes in their historical life into the water and on the ground, and as our human beings could been born by our walking using two feet, human’s posture is a parameter which will change by the change of its environments.

Now we think that human are faced in the new unknown change of environments influenced from the outside of the information space and the outer space, and the problem of environmental pollution, and from the inside of the body, with the artificial bodies by robotics, bio-technology and so on, so they should seek to create new postures with a new outlook on the body for adjusting its changes.

Therefore, we reconsider the “making forms” in our dance works as the “making postures” in Space Dance. Also we are taking notice of a fact that always the postures will be born with the relationship of the condition of the space, so then we develop the tube as an intelligent robot through the interaction between the dancer and the space. And we develop each dancer’s unknown postures which sleep in their unconsciousness using by this intelligent robotic spaces.

Further, we define and choose each developing unknown postures from the view point of the evolution, then we change these postures to a “Fittest Space” and a “Memory Chair” using by “body-space model”. Then, on the network, we express a “Fittest Space” and a “Memory Chair” as an image and a sound.

So, we construct these series of all works as a “Six Stories of Body”, then we will perform Space Dance. As its result, we can get the new designs of a “Fittest Space” and a “Memory Chair” after our dance, one is as the real fruits, other is as the virtual fruits on the network.

Like that, through these works, we can get a new position that our Space Dance is not only a dance work to perform a “New Story” but also a “Bauhaus Work” to create new designs.


image image

We don’t find new robots yet in our society, which can support human’s body soft with the enough interaction and the familiar relationship. If we can develop these robots it will make big topics as new break-through not only in the scientific world but also in our daily life, as our long-expected robots with a mind.

Just now in Japan and in the world we find several robots which are a talk of the town in the van of new era, Power Assist Robot by Tsukuba University, Tacit-Understanding Robot by Honda Research Institute Japan & ATR, Artificial-Arm Robot by Chicago Rehabilitation Center, and so on. But we can not find the mutual relations in these robots with human’s bodies, we find the one-sided conditions because these robots only use human’s muscular electric current and brain waves for their movements as signals. So, with these robots, we can not develop our needed robot which can support our body soft.

So, we take other ideas. We pay attention to Mr. Tani Jun’s way, like Behavior and Dynamic Cognition, in the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Brain Science Institute Lab in Tokyo, to make a needed relation between a robot and a human. We call its way as “Tani’s program” and try to develop our robot named “Tube Robot”.

In our tube, the relationship between a dancer and a space will be kept as an amicable relationship of its unity, like one body, always they talk each other. We express this mutual relationship as a “body-space model” and develop “Tube Robot” by loading “Tani’s program” on a “body-space model”.

2004 – 2006, we had a study together with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) in Tokyo about a “body-space model” and the tube. Then with its fruits, and together with the accumulations from NEC Research Institute about 16 cameras system and internet technology, we made a collaboration with JAXA’s Joint Robot as a “Robotic Dance” between a dance, a robot animation and a Joint Robot.

Now, as a series of this works, we continue to develop a “body-space model” and “Tube Robot”. And, with its results, always we develop “Six Stories of Body.” We will develop the tube more exactly as the new intelligent robot and the wearable suit to support our body with more amicable relationship.TY EDwe can cultivate a new idea and a new concept for the several designs, keeping health, and environmental protection. Particularly we can find these themes in the fields of the Education, Space Development, Robot Development, and Cultural Development for the adult.

We started to address our idea through “Space Dance in the Tube” to these four fields supported by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Obayashi Foundation in Tokyo 2004-2006. November 2006, we joined “Science Agora 2006” supported by Japan Science and Technology Agency in Tokyo, December in Monaco, at “UNESCO Prize for Digital Arts”, “Space Dance in the Robotic Universe” was selected as “20 Project in the World”. January 2007 in Tokyo, we hold it at a Primary School with 440 students and Tama Science Museum, it was the talk of the town and TV news. So, now we will hold this project more exactly at Tama Science Museum and other museums in Japan as our foothold, then at first we will start to hold it as “Space Dance in the Tube 2008” in Bangkok, Istanbul, Paris, and Helsinki supported by National Institute of Science & Technology of Ministry Education & Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and other institutions, then secondly in the world. So we would like to find the several collaborators, directors, and curators, together with dance, architecture, design, information, film, sound, costume; and also scientists, technicians, researchers, editors, journalists in each city, for this challenging project in the world. If you are interested in this project, please contact with us.




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