2 03 2009

susan stein

Suzanne Stein, Canadian, 1969, Research Fellow in Mobile Technology Futures, University of East London, SMARTlab,, suzanne(at)

Suzanne comes to UEL from Nokia where she was working with both corporate strategy and design functions to think about the future possibilities of their handsets, as well as the London School of Economics where she has been researching the emergence of games as a mainstream expressive form. She also lectures at the Canadian Film Centre in their new media department and has worked as a Mentor in a national Interactive Project Lab in Canada. She was also the Canadian Juror for the World Summit Awards, a UN task force, on innovative content in 2003 and Moderator in 2005. Previous publications include two chapters for the e-content: Voices from the Underground series edited by Osama Manzar and Prof. Peter Bruck, about the state of ICTs in Canada. She is presently working on a book proposal on Social Inclusivity and Mobile Gaming for publication by The MIT Press in 2008.


Prof Lizbeth Goodman, American, born 1964, Director, UEL, SMARTlab, lizbeth(at)

Chair in Creative Technology Innovation, Director – MAGIC Gamelab & Innovation Centre, & Director of Studies for the UEL practice-based PhDs in Digital Media, Performance Technology & Informatics. Her main field of speciality is the creation of learning games developed WITH, not only for, people with disabilities and ‘non-standard gamers’. She is widely published, with many years of BBC experience, and is a performer/director and PI of projects for and with NESTA, BBC, Microsoft, Lego, Futurelab, SGI, the Wellcome, et al. She directs the GLAM (Games, Life and Media) Academy, making games for the 2012 games. She is series editor of Emergenc(i)es for MIT Press.



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