Papers per sessions


Limits of Organic Life

Bec, Louis: We Are Extremophiles (plenary speech)

Bakke, Monika: Zoe-philia and the Predicament of Anthropocentrism

Rogers, Kathleen
: Bacteria, Geology and Blood

Smith, Brad
: Ascribing Status to Life Forms

Roosth, Sophia: Zeroing Out Biological Time: Standardization and Surprise in Synthetic Biology

Seaman, Bill: Neo-sentience: Positive Techno-evolution or Extreme, Hostile Takeover Environment?


Kuzmanovic, Maja / Gaffney, Nik: groWorld

Boland, Howard / Cinti, Laura: The Martian Rose

Mutations and Metamorphoses

Stelarc: Alternate Anatomical Architectures: Extruded, Empty and Absent Bodies (plenary speech)

van Rijsingen, Miriam
: Prolific Encounters: towards a Philosophy of Mutability

Willet, Jennifer / Bailey, Shawn: BIOTEKNICA: A Mutation Model for Teratological Art

Valdes, Claudia X. / Thurtle, Phillip: From Spiderman to Alba: Transgenics in a Post-nuclear World

Zaretsky, Adam: On Mutaphobia

Extreme Bodies in Extreme Spaces

Horáková, Jana: Performing Spaces for Cybernetics Organisms

Beloff, Laura
: Wunderkammer: Wearables as an Artistic Strategy

Ryan, Susan Elizabeth: Dress for Stress: Wearable Technology and the Social Body

Pell, Sarah Jane: Hydromedusa: Aqueous Architectures for Use in WET Spaces

Perspectives on Nano Art

Vesna, Victoria & Gimzewski, James: Blue Morph: Surges of Nanocellular Transformations (plenary speech)

Punt, Michael: Between Thought and Matter: the Final Frontier

Thomas, Paul: Boundaryless Nanomorphologies

Stein, Suzanne
: Foresighting for Meaningful Innovation

Inner & Outer Spaces

Malina, Roger F.: Limits of Cognition: Artists in the Dark Universe (plenary speech)

Krueger, Ted: Mediated Perception

Osaka, Takuro: Artistic Proposals on the Cultural Application of JEM – 2009 ISS Art Experiment Program

Triscott, Nicola: The Arts Catalyst

Phillips, Mike: Normal to an Abnormal Degree

Tetsuro, Fukuhara: Space Dance in the Tube, Experience and Expression

Creative Autonomy

Joyce, Michael
: Poem as Written Word at Boundary Condition

Grond, Florian: From Reality to a Line and Back, a Little Theory of Everything

Brown, Paul: The DrawBots

Goodman, Lizbeth / Duffy, Brian / Sudol, Jeremi / Price, Marc et al.: TRUST: Robotics and Haptics for Extreme Interaction and Universal Design

Goto, Suguru: Virtual Musical Instrument and RoboticMusic

Art & Climate

Cílek, VáclavClimate as the Last Wilderness (plenary speech)

Ferran, Bronac / Ratto, Matt: Artists and Scientists as Extremophiles: Extreme Environments and Ecology

Santaella, Lucia / Garcia, Wagner: Cognitus: New Cognitive Tools to Assess Environmental Risks in Amazonas

Chapple, Boo: Bodies of Water

Da Costa, Beatriz: PigeonBlog: Interspecies Co-production in the Pursuit of Resistant Action

Limits of Adaptation

Fischer, Hervé: Law of Divergence and Mythoanalysis of Limits

Schlacht, Irene
: Art, Design and Human Metamorphosis in Extreme Environments

Chardronnet, Ewen: Dissemination and the Becoming-World of the Laboratory

Eco Sonifications

Crutchfield, James & Dunn, David: Insects, Trees, and Climate: The Bioaocustic Ecology of Deforestation and Entomogenic Climate Change (plenary speech)

Polli, Andrea: AER – The Vehicle of the Soul

Harris, Yolande: Taking Soundings: a Sound-Artists Investigation into Technologies of Coastal Navigation

Young, Michael / Adderley, W. Paul: Here Is Now and There Is the Sound of the Land: Scientific and Sonic Perceptions of the African Sahel

Diennet, Jacques / Calvet, David / Kronland, Richard / Voinier, Thierry / Vallée, Claude: The COSMOPHONE: Playing with PARTICLES, the COSMOS and SOUNDS

Visual Study of Culture, Nature & Universe

Blassnigg, Martha
: Imaging the Extreme

Rossi, Michael Paul
: Kitsch and the Meaning(s) of Life

Mayeri, Rachel: Primate Cinema

O’Neill, Rob
: The Morphology Project: Art-Science Explorations of Biological Shape Analysis and Evolution

Hessels, Scott
: The Machines above us: an Overview of the ‘Celestial Mechanics’ New Media Artwork

Mind Reloaded

Ascott, RoyTerror Incognito: Steps toward an Extremity of Mind (plenary speech)

Drayson, Hannah: Embarking upon the Colonization of Transcendental Space; Gestalt Biometrics

Clark, Tim
: Massive Multiplayer Online Games and Anthropic Bias: The Role Game Creators, Possible “Life” World Scenario’s, and the Doomsday Argument

Doruff, Sher: Extreme Intervals and Sensory Fusions

Ingham, Karen
: The Inverted Eye: a Transdisciplinary Gaze into the Dysfunctional Mind

Kliková, Alice
: Limits of Biohermeneutics

Bodies & Devices

Kusahara, Machiko: Externalizing Our Body: Device Art and Its Experimental Nature

Kriesche, Richard: Defragmentation

Daubner, Ernestine: Art, (bio)technologies & (dis)abilities: Challenges of an Expanding Body/Mind

Donegan, Mick / Goodman, Lizbeth / Kennedy, Helen / Palmer-Brown, Dominic / Zhang, Li: InterFACES: Affective Interactive Virtual Learning Environments for People with Cognitive & Physical Disabilities

Kisseleva, Olga: From World WideVip to TUTOR

Extending Memory, Expanding Life

Barabási, Albert-László: The Architecture of Complexity (plenary speech)

Diebner, Hans H.: Cultural Evolution and the Internet – A Critical Approach

Germen, Murat / Ayiter, Elif: Looking Aside: Collective Constructs, Autarchic Assemblage

Endo, Takumi: Phonethica

Inside & Outside: from Perception to Immunity

Lambert, Hervé-Pierre: Neuroesthetics, Neurological Disorders and Creativity

Harrison, Dew / Rauch, Barbara: The Art of Creating Moments of Stillness in a Volatile World

Novakovic, Gordana: Metropolis: an Extreme and Hostile Environment

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